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Saluki health


Saluki health info

Saluki is still a rather healthy breed, but naturally it has diseases that people have to consider while making litters, buying puppies etc.

You can get more info about the general health of the breed from saluki clubs, breeders and breed enthusiastics.

At the moment the biggest problems in the breed are autoimmune diseases and heart problems.


Here are some important links considering saluki health and breeding (in finnish):

* the saluki breeding program JTO

* made eye examinations, heart auscultations and other official tests listed by Finnish Kennel club

* made heart ultrascreenings listed by Finnish Saluki club

* made DLA -tests listed by Finnish Saluki club

* old eye examinations listed by Finnish Saluki club

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* saluki health inquiry part.1 & health inquiry part.2 by Finnish Saluki club

* Finnish Saluki club's recommendations for salukis that are used for breeding


Desierto Belleza health


Our D, E F&G -litters are DNA parentage tested and DNA-samples have been sent to Hannes Lohi research. Also samples of Kirman Obadiah, DB Anzuelo, DB Airosa, DB Albaricoque, DB Bolita, DB Bucanero, DB Bueno, DB Besito and DB Bendito have been sent to the research.

I want to say thank you to my puppyowners, who have been active and doing health checks to their salukis!


Health examinations 


Heart ultrascan

Heart auscul.


DLA -test

Afelpada   OK/2008 OK/2008  
Airosa   OK/2008 OK/2008 homozygote
Albaricoque       homozygote
Anzuelo  OK/2013 OK/08/13 OK/2008  
Bendito OK/2012 OK/2008 OK/08/12 homozygote
Besito OK/2011 OK/2010 OK/2010 heterozygote
Bolita       homozygote
Bucanero OK/2011 OK/08/11 OK/2008 heterozygote
Dorado   Namir OK/2012 OK/2012    
De Grande Namir  OK/2013 OK/2013    


   OK/2013  OK/2013  


OK/2013 OK/2013 OK/2013 heterozygote


Other salukis

Heart ultrascan

Heart auscul.


DLA -test

Bindya   Yrtep OK/2012 OK/2009 OK/2009 heterozygote
Elamir Classic Souvenir OK/2013 OK/2013 OK/2013 heterozygote
Khaireddin   Saddam       heterozygote
Khalils   Setareh OK/2011 OK/2011 OK/2011* heterozygote
Khalils   Waqar OK/2011 OK/10/11 OK/2010 heterozygote
Red   Hawk's Namir Ibn Behrang OK/2011  OK/2011  OK/2008 heterozygote
Tazillah Indra Kailani OK/2013 OK/08/13 OK/2008
Tazillah   Qahir Sanam OK/2013     heterozygote
Kirman   Obadiah   OK/08/12 OK/2008 heterozygote

* Khalils Setareh's eye examination showed minor unchanged vitreusprolaps.


Other health checks


Other health tests 


 thyroid OK



Other salukis

Other health tests

Bindya Yrtep thyroid OK, knees 0/0
Khalils   Setareh hips A/A
Tazillah Indra Kailani

thyroid OK 

Other health issues

DB -saluki

Health issue

Azabachado Allergy


 Cause of deaths


Cause   of death

Airosa Eutanasia,   a broken leg caused by an accident  /2011
Blanco   Barbie Insestine   block /2007
Daylight   Namir Hydrocephalus puppy   /2009

Used salukis

Cause of death

Kirman   Obadiah Deceased at the age of 14 years


All older DB-salukis are still living as far as I have been informed by owners. Our A -litter has turned 10 years old.