Desierto Belleza Salukis

Tiina-Ira Huttunen
Hanko, Finland

tel. +358 40 5210 333

 Kennel Desierto Belleza



Behind the kennel name

My name is Tiina-Ira Huttunen and I breed salukis under the prefix Desierto Belleza. I live in Hanko, the southest town in Finland with my husband Aki and with my daughter Hilla. Still my roots are in finnish Lapland as I've born in Sodankylä.

I'm a hairdresser master and a teacher, I work with young and adult students. I spend my free time with my family, but I also like gardening and skiing at the wintertime. Guess, I don't need to mention, that naturally big part of my life includes salukis.



There have been a lot of animals in my childhood life. All my family were fond of dogs, horses, cats and other pets. My father himself has been breeding hunting dogs. So it was very natural to me to start my very own breeding.

My first saluki came to me in autumn 1998 from respected kennel Kirman. Dina was everything I hoped my saluki to be and I have learned a lot from her during these years. Dina was very successful in shows, but most of all I loved her temperament and great health. Dina lived healthy life achieving rather high age of 14 years. She ended up to be a dam to one Desierto Belleza -litter, but got two litters of grand children and her lines continues to live through my breeding work in the future also.





My breeding principles



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Contact information

Tiina-Ira Huttunen

kennel Desierto Belleza

Hanko, Finland

tel. +358 40 5210 333