Desierto Belleza Salukis

Tiina-Ira Huttunen
Hanko, Finland

tel. +358 40 5210 333

Good to know before obtaining a Desierto Belleza -puppy



Good to know before contacting

When you are considering of getting a puppy it is good to learn to know the breed for example at shows, activities and at breed enthusiasts homes. I'm always happy to invite interested people into our home to get to know the breed better. If the breed saluki is fairly new to you, the first step is to visit Finnish Saluki club's page in the internet. It is the best place to start your saluki research by reading carefully the breed info and breed standard.

Saluki as a breed is not every man's dog. Salukis requires a lot from its owners. So when you thinking if the breed suits you or not, read carefully everything about the breed and get to know it, before taking a puppy.

If you have any questions about the breed, I'm delighted to tell you more.


Good to know before considering a Desierto Belleza -puppy

I think carefully about my breeding and the combinations I make. My goal is to make healthy salukis, who are well-tempered and sweet personalities. But also breed typical conformation, movement and instincts makes the picture whole. 

I do not breed for quantity, I only breed for quality and that is the reason I seldom have puppies. So every litter and every puppy I have, are extremely important to me. I always give my best effort to raise puppies to give them the best start to their lifes. I spend a lot of time with my puppies, they only eat the best possible nutrition and I socialize them to new things and situations.

As my puppies means a lot to me, I am hoping them to go to co-operating homes. As I am always available for my dog owners, I hope to hear from my puppies for every now and then. Whether it is bad news or good news, you are always welcome to contact me.

As a breeder I hope my puppies to go to active homes. But naturally the most important thing is to get a suitable, loving and caring home.

If you are a new in the breed and new in a dog world, I'm always there for you to help you showing your saluki, encouraging to other activities and giving you support if you need it. So you don't need to be a professional in the beginning, I'll help you to start your new adventure with this special breed.

Also our "Desierto Belleza -team" will happily take you along and give you group support and good company during shows and events.

As a breeder my basis for breeding is healthy breeding stock. Therefore I'm hoping that my puppy owners understand the meaning of health checks for the breed. I organize group checks for my puppy owners and other saluki owners (heart ultrascanning & eye examination) and encourage you to join occasionally.